Sandwich Platters


Sandwich Platters can be served as:


– White/ wholemeal sandwiches cut into 4

$8 per person or $68 per platter
14 whole sandwiches, cut into triangles,per platter

Gourmet Mini Rolls
 - White rolls 7cm long

$7 per person or $62 per platter
16 mini rolls per platter

 – Rolled lavish cut into half

$9 per person or $78 per platter  - 9 whole wraps cut inhalf, per platter


 – Pide portions cut in half

$10 per person or $86 per platter  - 6 mini loaves, cut in half


– low fat + vegan
– black olives, semi-dried tomatoes, chargrilled capsicum, onion + basil leaves


– tomato, cheese, cucumber, carrot, avocado + lettuce leaves

Old Fashioned

– curried egg + homemade mayonnaise with crisp lettuce

Simply Salmon

– smoked Atlantic salmon, sour cream + dill

Classic Chicken

– steamed chicken, avocado, mayonnaise, baby spinach


– crispy bacon, sliced egg, parmesan, cos lettuce + caesar dressing


– rare roast beef, vintage cheese, fresh tomato + crisp lettuce

Taste of India

– tandoori chicken fillet, shaved cucumber, gourmet lettuce + sweet chutney

Sweet sensations

– thinly sliced ham, ricotta cheese, baby spinach, cracked black pepper
+ honey mustard

Spicy prawn cocktail

– marinated spicy prawns on shredded lettuce, original cocktail sauce
+ dash lemon juice

Fresh Seasonal Fruit - Sliced or on Skewers

Small     $45.00
Medium $55.00
Large    $65.00